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Enable Discursive Rationality


  • Change is a balancing act.

Breaking the existing patterns, to establish the new, is not easy. Between external and internal control are a lot of variants. We help to manage the instability on the path to a new stability.

New Balance

  • Leadership and participation are two sides of the same coin.

Complexity of organizations and change need the participation of their members. This challenges leadership on all levels. We deliver consulting, moderation and impetus on the factual, structural and cultural level.

Leadership and Participation

  • Discourse and reflection ensure clarity.

To raise the right questions in the right time does not always come easily.  It is even more dificult to get all answers out of the organization and to evaluate them. We take care of the necessary distance and appropriate reflections which are relevant to success. Relevant stakeholders (customers, suppliers, ...) are involved, when required.

Discourse and Reflection

  • Gain measurable ("hard") results through "soft" factors.

Achievement of goals and new states has to be measured to know where the organization stands.  The way to the goal is unlocked through soft and hard factors.  We help our clients to avoid an over-simplistic viewpoint.

Hard and Soft Factors

  • Decisions and responsibility are demanding.

A clear and effective approach of the organization to the various phases of decision preparation, the decision itself, the realisation of the decision, and evaluating was has happened is a fundamental result of our services.

Decision and Responsibility


There is a wide range of possibilities in change processes. We should talk about your concrete questions.

We offer many years of experience, professional project management, and development of and support in dramaturgies of change. With our combination of management consulting, process consulting, and moderation, we provide different interventions, from workshop facilitation, to large group events, coaching and others.



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